August 24, 2016

Good Things Take Time

Admittedly, I’m terrible at blogging. This isn’t my first attempt at it but my blogging history is a bit–ahem–spotty, to say the least.

But, here’s the good news!

I have deemed 2016 (or the latter half of 2016…) the year of The Blog. I want to develop consistency, discipline, and creativity when it comes to blogging, so let this be a declaration of sorts–I WILL get better and I hope you’ll join me through whatever mishaps, silliness, or strokes of genius that ensue.

There’s a quote above my workspace that reads “Never give up, good things take time.” It’s a simple, even generic phrase but it’s remained an important reminder that it’s ok to take things slow and steady. If you know me, you know that is so. not. me. There’s a reason my mom has always referred to me as her “little race horse,” (hint: it’s not because I’m a fast runner).

I tend toward impatience, which, on its good days, can lead to healthy drive and passion, but at its worst leaves me easily dissatisfied and overworked.

On the days when things are dragging, not coming together, or you’re lacking creative “juice,” remember that the best things (projects/relationships/businesses) in life are often the things that develop over time, that are a labor of deep-rooted, consistent love, rather than a short-lived burst of adrenaline that can lead to burnout. So, fellow-creative, slow down today. Take a deep breath and remember the good things you want in life or business will come with patience, nurturing, and some good-old-fashioned, long-term commitment.


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